"Personal Progress Helps You to Become Practically Perfect"

We had New Beginnings a couple nights ago and our Mary Poppins theme was a big hit! Our second counselor dressed up like Mary (complete with carpet bag) and rocked the roll like nobody's business! :) She even concluded by singing a small stanza from "Feed the Birds" (changing the words a bit to reflect how Christ asks us to feed His sheep). We're pretty blessed to have her around!

At the end of the evening, each young woman (and the new girls coming in this year) went home with one of these adorable umbrellas. We even tied a little umbrella charm on that they can use on a keychain or as a zipper pull. Etsy is my friend.

 For the dessert table, we had ice water, cupcakes, "spoonfuls of sugar" (aka Oreo Truffles), and "Admiral Boom's cannonballs" (aka fruit balls).

As a fun little treat, here's a blank copy of the invitation I made for the evening. Everyone had a great time. Now we start planning for Girls Camp! 


Girls Camp Awards

A friend in my ward is the Assistant Camp Director for the Young Women. This week they are giving out camp awards at Mutual and she asked me to make her a certificate for each of the girls and leaders. I made mine more personalized with the name of our ward and the month/year, but here is a generic award for those of you out there to print and fill in!

Their theme this year was "Happily Ever After". They used Giselle from the movie Enchanted as their main character and the color teal from her "That's How You Know" musical number dress as their main color. So, I made the certificate to match them both! It's a fun theme to work with as you instruct the girls' on their divine nature as princesses, Daughters of a Heavenly King. Enjoy!


I'm Going There Someday...

I made these plaques to hand out to the Mia Maids after a Mutual activity devoted entirely to being sealed in the Temple for all eternity. I had been asked to guest speak about how striving to be a virtuous Young Woman in my youth helped me to attain the goal of a Temple Marriage. This activity was based upon the new value that was introduced in 2009: Virtue.